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International relocation

The final purpose of any relocation company is to guarantee that the goods safely reach the destination.

The correct use of boxes of various sizes will ensure that items are well packed in order to prevent deterioration while moved from one location to another. We use corrugated paperboard and kraft wrap (bubble wrap strengthened with a paper layer) to protect furniture, so that the furniture parts can be overlaid to save space.

If a furniture part requires to be disassembled, the relocation team will take care of this aspect. Correctly loading the items will make sure that items are safely brought to the destination, while costs are minimized.

Dishes are individually packed and loaded above other packages. Particularly valuable or fragile items require double protection and a wooden box or frame. The relocation team will measure the sizes of the item and produce the wooden box or frame.

Labeling and inventorying are very important, both for fulfilling the customs formalities and for insurance purposes as well as for your comfort. Before leaving the premises, an inventory list will be prepared, numbered and containing the description of all the packages and furniture parts loaded into trucks. Goods will be loaded so that all the goods are safe; heavy items will be placed on the truck / container floor, light items above them. Furniture parts disassembled will be loaded on a side. All the spaces will be filled in with various items that do not have a regular form. The purpose is to save space and reduce the volume of the goods.

Pianos, billiard tables, pendulum clocks, marble statuettes, big screen TVs, racks, servers, safes etc. are special items that require careful preparation and handling to safely reach the destination. Starting from art items to large furniture parts, and continuing with IT equipment, our team of professionals in the field of relocation will carefully pack and protect each item.

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